Two easy ways to keep your furniture safe and intact during a house move

If you will be moving to a new house soon and are concerned about your furniture getting damaged during the moving process, here are a couple of things you can do to reduce the chances of this happening. Don't handle the moving process by yourself One of the biggest mistakes people make during a house move is attempting to handle the entire process by themselves. This is usually because they want to spare themselves the expense of hiring a removals team. [Read More]

Itching to Move House: How to Prepare for Your Move When You Suffer from a Dust Allergy

If you suffer from an allergy to dust, preparing your possessions for a move to your new house will likely fill you with dread. As you move around your home, moving and packing your things, you may well find yourself sneezing, struggling to breathe, rubbing your eyes and dabbing at your runny nose with a tissue. For most people, this isn't an issue, but if you are like the 1 in 5 Australians who suffer from an allergy of this type, you'll need to take extra precautions when moving house. [Read More]

Tips for choosing and using self storage

If you are planning to de-clutter an apartment, travel abroad, accept a new job away from home or sell a property before buying elsewhere, self-storage comes into its own. Not only does a storage service keep your possessions safe, secure and insured, but also it means there is no need to ask favours, occupy space and risk possible out-of-pocket damage or losses. Additionally, if you decide to move home later, a removals service can collect the stored items with ease – without any need to go back, arrange everything from scratch and pack boxes anew. [Read More]

Two tips for those who are moving from one city to another

Moving to a different city can be quite an ordeal. Here are two tips which should make this process a little less stressful. Don't attempt to do it on your own Whilst it would probably be quite simple to handle your own house move if you only needed to transport your belongings to a property located 10 or 20 minutes' drive away, it's not quite so easy to do so when moving to a different city. [Read More]