Tips for choosing and using self storage

If you are planning to de-clutter an apartment, travel abroad, accept a new job away from home or sell a property before buying elsewhere, self-storage comes into its own. Not only does a storage service keep your possessions safe, secure and insured, but also it means there is no need to ask favours, occupy space and risk possible out-of-pocket damage or losses. Additionally, if you decide to move home later, a removals service can collect the stored items with ease – without any need to go back, arrange everything from scratch and pack boxes anew. [Read More]

Two tips for those who are moving from one city to another

Moving to a different city can be quite an ordeal. Here are two tips which should make this process a little less stressful. Don't attempt to do it on your own Whilst it would probably be quite simple to handle your own house move if you only needed to transport your belongings to a property located 10 or 20 minutes' drive away, it's not quite so easy to do so when moving to a different city. [Read More]

Preparing for an interstate move

Moving between states is a big undertaking: in addition to all the usual challenges of moving house, it can also add a set of administrative complications, from updating your voter registration to applying for a new driving license. When preparing for an interstate move, a little preparation and some expert help can make the experience less stressful.  Reduce moving mass When preparing for any move, it's a good idea to reduce the amount you have ship by getting rid of anything you don't need. [Read More]

How to take the stress out of moving

Moving can be one of the most stressful times that you could face in your life. So why not take the stress out of it a little bit and hire a company to come in and move you, saving you the boring side of moving? Some companies won't just move you, but they will come in and pack your belongings for you as well as load the lorry. Those companies will provide you with fully qualified and careful staff. [Read More]