Two tips for people who need to take furniture that has storage compartments with them when moving house

If you own several pieces of furniture that feature storage compartments, here are some of the things that you need to bear in mind when moving these items from your current house to your new one.

Make sure to tell the furniture removalist which furniture has hidden compartments that are filled with items

People who need to move house are often advised to stow items in their furniture's storage compartments rather than packing these things into separate boxes, as this makes the moving process faster (as there are fewer things for those involved to carry) and it reduces the amount of space that a person's collection of belongings takes up in the moving van.

If you will be following this advice, it is important to inform the furniture removalist of the fact that certain items (such as, for example, a footstool with a hollow interior or a bed with in-built drawers in its base) they will be transporting contain hidden compartments that are filled with items.

The reason for this is that if a piece of furniture's storage compartment has been stuffed with several of your other belongings, the removalist needs to know this, as they will need to handle and load this furniture differently than they would if the item were not being used as a storage container.

For example, if you have filled a footstool with your collection of condiments, most of which are in glass jars, the removalist will need to be a bit more gentle when loading this into the moving van (as if it is lightly tossed onto the van's floor, the jars inside it could break) and will need to put it in its upright position, rather than on one of its sides, to reduce the risk of the footstool's lid falling off and the condiments inside of it tumbling out. 

Don't put excessively heavy items into the furniture's storage compartments

It is also important not to get carried away when making use of the storage space in your furniture. For example, you should try to avoid putting a collection of heavy items into the storage compartments of furniture that is old or fragile.

If for instance, you put a pair of 20kg dumbbells into your bedroom storage bench, the base of this bench could collapse whilst the item is being carried towards or out of the moving van. Similarly, if you put your collection of liqueurs into a display cabinet that has glass panels that are old and lightly cracked, the weight of these large, heavy bottles leaning against these panes could cause them to break.

As such, you should only put fairly lightweight items into your furniture's storage compartments.

For more information, contact a furniture removalist.