Two steps that parents of young children can take to ensure their house move goes smoothly

Moving house when you're busy looking after your young children can be incredibly stressful. Here are two steps you can take to ensure that this process goes smoothly. 

Be careful about how you pack potentially hazardous items

When packing up your household items, you will probably come across a wide array of potentially hazardous goods.

These goods may include things such as toxic cleaning products (such as bleach and drain unblocking fluids, for example), as well as gardening products like fertilisers and pesticides. If you own a car, you may also need to pack up things like bottles of engine oil, antifreeze and transmission fluid.

It is important to be careful about how you pack these items and where you then leave the packed boxes during the run-up to the date on which you intend to move.

Children tend to be very curious. As such, if you leave a poorly-sealed box full of potentially harmful products in an easy-to-access part of your home, it is entirely possible that one of your children may discover this box, open it up and either spill or ingest some of the toxic liquids inside.

This could have very serious consequences; your child could end up becoming extremely ill or sustaining chemical burns.

As such, it is absolutely critical to securely seal any boxes which contain the above-mentioned items. Use strong masking tape which cannot be easily pulled off by hand and make sure that the box itself is in good condition, with no holes through which the chemicals inside could leak.

Additionally, make sure that you do not stow these boxes anywhere in your home where your children could access them. Ideally, they should be placed in a locked cupboard or on a very high shelf until moving day arrives.

Hire a team of removalists

Whilst it is possible for people who do not have children to move house without the help of professional removalists, doing so when you have little ones is a recipe for disaster, particularly if you don't have a nanny or a relative who can temporarily look after them whilst you move your belongings.

If you attempt to move without assistance, it is likely to take you far longer and be considerably more stressful than if you were being helped by a team of removalists, as you will have to try to pack and transport your belongings whilst simultaneously handling all of your usual everyday parenting activities. You will find yourself distracted, overwhelmed and progressing through the house moving process at a snail's pace.

Conversely, with a crew of experienced, trained removalists assisting you, you will be able to simply focus on taking care of your son or daughter whilst these professionals tackle the most physically demanding and mentally draining elements of the moving process quickly and efficiently.