Protecting your Furniture against Pests during the Move

Pests such as bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, ants, and rodents are always lurking behind the scenes and waiting for an opportunity to strike. While you may have taken multiple steps to protect furniture in your home, there are additional risks that may be present when moving.

It's important to work closely with furniture removalists to develop a plan that mitigates your risk of rodent exposure when moving to a new location.

How moving may expose you to risks of infestation

Having your items disorganised

Moving can be quite stressful, especially if you have many personal items. If you keep your items disorganised, you can expose them to pests in many different ways. For example, clothes that are piled on couches, beds and cabinets can become a breeding ground for cockroaches, ants and bedbugs.

Pests love to hide in overcrowded places where they are difficult to find. All it takes is for a single food item that may be present on your clothes to be detected by a cockroach, and things can go from bad to worse quite fast.

Placing your furniture outside

Another common mistake most movers do is to keep their furniture outside when packing. While this move may make sense due to space constraints, keeping items such as couches outside may expose your furniture to pests, moisture, and dust.

Disassembling large furniture items

When planning for a move, you may decide to disassemble large furniture items such as bookshelves, couches and tables into smaller parts. If you don't keep these parts well organised, they can end up as likely targets for ants and termites.

Such pests love to hide in small spaces and they can end up penetrating your furniture if you don't keep everything well organised.

Failing to keep it clean

Moving can easily become messy as you run around trying to pack everything on time. Dirty furniture can easily attract pests, especially when food items end up on them.

Preventing infestation during the move

Keep everything organised

The best way to prevent carrying pests into your new home is to keep your items clean and organised at all times. Furniture removalists can help you plan your move effectively and ease the stress that would otherwise cause you to become disorganised.

Use packing supplies to avoid putting your furniture outside

Packing supplies such as bubble wrap, boxes, and tape come in handy to keep your furniture well organised. By wrapping similar items together, you prevent the need for having your furniture all over the place and consuming much needed real estate for other packing activities.

Wrapped furniture is also harder for pests to hide in. working with furniture removalists not only help you plan the move, they can also provide critical packing supplies to make organisation easier.