Two tips for those who are moving from one city to another

Moving to a different city can be quite an ordeal. Here are two tips which should make this process a little less stressful.

Don't attempt to do it on your own

Whilst it would probably be quite simple to handle your own house move if you only needed to transport your belongings to a property located 10 or 20 minutes' drive away, it's not quite so easy to do so when moving to a different city.

Unless you have a lot of experience driving large vehicles and have access to a variety of moving equipment (such as straps and trolleys), it is not advisable to hire a truck and try to move your possessions by yourself.

The length of the journey to the other city, coupled with the complexities of manoeuvring a large truck that is weighed down by a heavy load, will likely result in a very stressful journey. Additionally, if you do not know how to distribute your items properly in the vehicle's storage container, you may discover that several of them end up getting damaged during transit.

Hiring an intercity removals company to handle this task for you almost completely eliminates the stress of this experience. The removals team will have all the equipment needed to protect your possessions whilst they are in transit (such as moving blankets, thick straps to tie down furniture, and heavy-duty bubble wrap).

These professionals will also have the expertise needed to drive a large truck in such a way that no harm comes to your most prized possessions.

Do a thorough check of your old home before you leave

If you were moving to a house that was within the same city as your old home, accidentally leaving a few items behind wouldn't be a major problem; all you would need to do is pop back to the property and pick up whatever you had left.

However, if you are moving to a new city, it is essential to make sure that you do not leave anything behind. If you do, you'll have to endure the expense, hassle and stress of travelling all the way back to your old home to collect your items (or you would have to arrange for the new occupants of that house to send you your goods).

As such, it worth doing an extremely thorough check of your old house before you leave. Look in all of the cupboards and any inbuilt wardrobes, as well as behind the radiators and underneath the bathroom and kitchen sinks, for any belongings that you might have forgotten to pack.