4 Things to Keep in Mind when Using Plastic Bins to Store Your Possessions for a Move

When it comes to packing your possessions for a move, the most trusted and reliable method is to use cardboard packing boxes. This is because cardboard boxes are easier to stack, take up less room, and are much more flexible. Plastic bins or totes on the other hand, are prone to breakage and take up valuable space due to their rigid V-shaped structure.

However, many modern homes now use plastic storage containers to store their things and as such, may wish to include at least some plastic bins when packing for their move. To do otherwise would simply be a waste. If you plan to include plastic bins in your move to another house, keep the following things in mind.

Inform Your Removalists

Your movers will expect you to use cardboard boxes when packing your things. Make sure you inform them of your plan to include some plastic storage bins in with the cardboard boxes. This way the removals team can plan ahead in terms of stacking and space requirements on the moving truck.

Keep the Bins Light and Evenly Filled

Because storage bins tend to be larger than cardboard boxes, it can be tempting to overfill them with items. However, the best practice for storage bins is to keep them light. That means filling them with items like clothing, blankets, and towels. Bins that are too heavy and with uneven weight distribution will be prone to moving around in transit, and may also cause the plastic bins beneath them to crack or even break.

Stack No More Than Two Bins High

Although plastic bins of the same type do stack onto each other quite snugly, the rigidness of the stack makes it very precarious while the truck is moving. Cardboard boxes, for example, are flexible and can be stacked flush up against each other. Plastic bins, however, leave lots of spaces between stacks and this makes them prone to being jostled and tossed around. Instead, create stacks of no more than two high and be sure to keep the lids secured with tape.

Consider Placing Them in Moving Boxes

As an extra precaution, you can opt to place the plastic bins inside moving boxes. Fill in any excess space in the moving boxes with towels and moving blankets and this will keep the boxes from crumpling when other boxes are stacked on top.

Although plastic storage bins are great for keeping your possessions safely stored around the house, they will always be inferior to cardboard boxes in terms of flexibility and spacing. As long as you inform your removalists before moving day, you can still add in a few plastic bins without creating an issue.